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Today in Colombo, Sri Lanka most of the weddings are taking place in Hotels, Banquet Halls and Wedding Halls except the Christian weddings. Although most people prefer to have their family weddings in their homes first, if it is big enough to hold all the guests who are coming to witness the wedding ceremony. Hindus prefer Temples and halls in Hindu temples, Christians used to perform their weddings in their churches.

As marriages are big family gathering event Srilanka parents are ready for to spend lavishly for the family wedding ceremony. Most of the money goes to the wedding hall decoration along with the party food and beverage. The operators of the Sri Lanka wedding halls, banquet halls and hotels are well experienced in all kind of Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim weddings and arranging receptions of all kinds religions including the Christian wedding receptions. It's easy for the parents' bride and the groom to organize the wedding without much hard work if they select any package from the wedding hall, banquet hall or hotel. They arrange all the necessary things such as Sinhalese "Poruwa" or Tamils 'Manavarai", seating, food, transport, service of clerics, music or live bands, so on to make the function very joyous for the families of the Bride and the bridegroom. In Hotels there are special facilities if a foreign Bride or Bridegroom want to have their marriage in Sri Lankan traditional way. The charges are reasonable; mostly it will be a package for the full function covering all the aspects along with the honeymoon stay. These wedding halls also have separate dressing rooms for the bride and bridegroom to resting room after the marriage, which is given as a compliment of the package you are selecting. There are enough spacious and decorated places with proper lighting available for the bride and bride groom to take video and photos for their wedding albums. It is available foe free from the wedding hall operators.

Here are some, which you can select for your marriage ceremonies. (If there are any good one we miss here, write it to us)
Srilanka Wedding Halls

Sri Lanka Wedding Packages.
Wedding Halls In Jaffna.

Srilanka Wedding Halls
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  1. Taj Samudra Hotel,
    78, Galle Road,
    Tel. 0094 11 2382201-13

  2. Galadari Hotel
    64, Lotus Road,
    Tel. 0094 11 2544544

  3. Galle Face Hotel
    2, Kollupitiya Road,
    Tel. 0094 11 2541010-16, 0094 11 2543565-77

  4. Sapphire Hotel
    371 Galle Road, Wellawatte,

  5. Concord wedding hall
    No.141, Galle Road,
    Tel. 0094 11 2738727

  6. Hilton Colombo
    wedding hall

  7. The Colombo Plaza
    wedding hall

  8. Lanka Oberoi
    wedding hall

  9. Trans Asia Hotel
    wedding hall

  10. Miami Reception Hall,
    Alexandra Road, Colombo-06.

  11. Orched Complex,
    Galle road,
    (Infront Of Savoy Cinema)

  12. Ceylon Continental Hotel Wedding Hall,

  13. Omega Hotel
    wedding hall

  14. Brighton Hotel
    wedding hall

  15. Sasakawa Hotel
    wedding hall

  16. Veshineu Kovil
    wedding hall

  17. Mayurapathy Sri PathirrakaliAmman Devasthana,
    Suppammal Wedding Hall,
    No.420,Havelock Road, Colombo-06.

  18. New Kathiresan Hall,
    339, Galle Road,

  19. Saraswathi Hall
    Lawranz Road,

  20. Sumanathisi Reception Hall,
    Galle road,
    (infront Of Roxy Cinima)

  21. Vannai Sri Varatharajapperumal kovil
    Sri Luxmy Narayanan Wedding Hall,

  22. Vavuniya Kovilkulam Arul Migu,
    Akilandeswari Sametha Akilandeswara Kanchi Sivamada mandapam.
    wedding hall


Bayer wiesdorfer burger hall ,
Haupt str.150
51373 Levekusen


Ellas Banquet Hall,
35, Danforth Avenue,


"At Rialto",
Birsig Str-43,4051 Basel ,

Thukkai Amman Temple
2540 Grenchen(so)

Sri Manonmany Ambal Temple
Olten ,Bleiche Str 6,
4632 Trimbach,