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Beauticians are taking a big part in the weddings as they are the one who used to do makeup works on the bride. In the recent times Bride Grooms too are getting the service of the beauticians for to look beautiful during their wedding processing. A large sum of service charges is charged by these personal for their work.


Beautician does the makeup and dressing for the bride on the wedding day to make the bride more beautiful at her the wedding ceremony. Long duration of time is necessary for the beautician to makeup the girl's face, skin color, dress up and decorate her with beautiful Gold jewellery such as "Netti Paddam or uchchip paddam' which stays on the forehead of the bride, which starts from the centre of her head, along with two pieces of Sun and Moon jewel on the bride's hair.

  • kankanam on both hands.
  • 'Ottiyanam' on the waist.
  • 'kasumalai' on the chest.
  • 'Thodu'in the ears'Kathu mattal' on the ear to back of the hair.
  • Necklace on the Neck.
  • Bangles on both hands.
  • Rings on the fingers.
  • 'Pathakkam' with Gold and Pearl chain.
  • 'Mookkuththi' on the nose.

After washing, cleaning and dying the girls' hair, a beautiful long "Nagasadam' will be attached to it.This Nagasadam may be made with flowers or shining ornaments or with both of them. The product can cost around US$ 250 for one time use. Some makeup artists used to import them from India.

Beauticians and their Certificates

  • Beauty Therapy.
  • Diploma of Beauty
  • Certificate in Beauty Therapy
  • Upgrade your qualifications
  • Dermal Therapies
  • Graduate Certificate in IPL, Laser Hair Reduction
  • Diploma of Salon Management

Some of the Srilanka makeup artists are certified by Indian beauty culture Institutes, while some of them are Sri Lanka certified. While many makeup artists are self-made ones. Few of them put "Dr" in front of their names to make a good earning from this profession they use to advertise in the local newspapers and in the magazines. Some of them used to publish their service through hand bills given by way side promoters in big cities.

Once you had contacted the beautician for preparing the bride for a wedding day ceremony, they will ask for 25% of their agreed fee and will try to start the work on the bride according to her skin color. Most of them used to bleach the skin of the girl in a slow process and used to perform waxing to remove unwanted hair in the arms and legs.

Normally the beauticians may need the bride's first visit 3 weeks before the marriage day, then after one week another visit and two days before the wedding day a visit. On the wedding day they may need at least 6 hours to prepare the Bride for the occasion. Also the beauticians give make up and prepare Bridal Girls - "Tholee" too.

These beauticians accepts orders to make fantastic models of cakes for the wedding registration ceremony with the price range of US$ 150 - 300 depending on the structure type and the wedding cake size. Rich cake pieces for the marriage function which are distributed among the guests after the marriage ceremony in small beautiful packets and multi stage cakes for the official wedding reception ceremonies are too made by them. Beauticians' charges may differ from each other depending on their experience and of their popularity.

Anyhow, in many cities bride's girl friends still take charge to makeup and dress the bride for her big day function at no cost. This is done in fun filled glorious enjoyable atmosphere in the private room of the bride.

If the marriage is taking place in a hotel and the beautician requires the bride to stay in one of the hotel room, then the hotel will allow only one person to stay in the room to accompany the bride. If they want to accompany one more person in the room the hotel owners may charge extra 10,000/- for the accompanying third person.

If you are a beautician and want to publish your details here, mail it to us.