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Honeymoon Trip.

Honeymoon is the big part of the marriage for the newly married brides and grooms. Each of them may have their own ideas and plans for their vacation plan. Some used to get their ideas form their friends or relatives prior travel experiences. If both of them don't have such ideas regarding their destinations, then they select any of the affordable packages that are available from the top tour operators in their country, according to their financial position and number of off days available from their jobs.


Newly married couple can pack their bags and can move away to their joyful trip in some exotic places to celebrate their wedding. Normally most of the couples select warm beach resorts for their free style staying. While many of the couples used to select cool romantic places for their trip after the marriage. Also if they want, they can go on a cruise trip over the blue waters in a luxury cruise liner. For the cruise trip you have to well plan and reserve your cabins well in advance. Sri Lanka couples used to select cool atmosphere places that are located in the Swiss or Italy.

These days, unmarried young people are saving money for their honey-moon passage. They plan and select their vacation destinations together. But in many instant, brides used to select the place and the groom agrees. Tour operators are offering many low priced packages all around the world. When you are booking for a top destination for your vacation, the Resorts and Hotels where you are going to stay too are to be taken in consideration. Heavy tourist season in that place may be look expensive for the couple to make their trip.


Normally it may cost around US$5,000 for a well planed trip for the couple including their air tickets. But you can make one for US$ 20,000/day if you can afford it. Before deciding on any top spot, ask from the recently returned couple about the facilities and plus and minus of their journey or their tour packages. Because always the package seller will insists that their destination and accommodations are the best and their prices are the cheapest ones.

When you are ready to take off, take less things for carrying with you. This will give you a free hand to hold your partner's hand all the way up and down.

And it will assist you for quick check in at airports and harbors. Don't forget to book your package early, for a memorable long lasting enjoyable honeymoon trip. Don't forget to take your digital camera, enough memory cards and the battery charger. Once you are ready check your flight tickets whether they are in the "OK" status all the way around the trip. Check for the visas requirements and travel warning of the country where you are going to spend your dream vacation.

As for our team, the top Honeymoon destinations by them are as follows,