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If the Bride have sevvai Dosham or thosam (Sevvai Kuttam - Planet Mars affect), People afraid, this will affect the life of the Bride groom after the marriage

Sevvai Dosham pariharam (Remedies)

If the Bride have sevvai Dosham or thosam (Sevvai Kuttam - Planet Mars affect), People afraid, this will affect the life of the Bride groom after the marriage.To prevent this,a Bride with the "Sevvai Thosam" Must marry a Bride groom with "Sevvai Thosam",this is written in the Tamil Astrology and Horoscope Books. But today, Tamil People prove that Sevvai Thosam actually means that the person is having more red cells in his blood. Ancient Tamils believed that if the bride married a "Mullmurukku tree or a Banana tree before actually marrying the Bridegroom, will prevent any bad happening to the couple.To prove this we give you a news here from India, Which involved Top Actress Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan.


Tamil Nadu, India.

Well what should be done if the person has no exceptions and hence has strong Mars dosha? We must match the horoscope with another horoscope having similar dosha so that the effects get nullified between the couple. Mars dosha will also lead to delay in marriages for which there are various remedies that have been suggested like lighting of a lamp (with the skin of a lemon) on Tuesdays during Raahu Kaalam (approx. 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. local time assuming sunrise is at 6 a.m. and sunset is at 6 p.m.; if sunrise – sunset timings differ, you should calculate the proportional part of the day – divide the duration of day into 8 parts, and raahu kaalam on Tuesdays will fall in the 7th part) in honour of Durga Devi, undertaking Holy Fast on Tuesdays, propitiating Lord Skanda (Kaartikeyaa), etc. Apart from that a mantrik remedy is also there in which a particular mantra is to be chanted and the native has to circumambulate the pooja place anti-clockwise during the process. But this mantrik remedy can be done only on a personal visit of the native, and we cannot divulge it in a public forum as this is not known even to many vedic pandits. Various remedial measures are elucidated in the work KARMA VIBHAAGA also about these remedies. If you approach a person who is well-read in that, they can guide you in that.


North India.

People who are afflicted with severe Kuja Dosha should marry a person having the same quantum of Dosha. Also such people should worship Lord Hanuman daily, by reciting Hanuman Chalisa. They should visit the temple of Lord Hanuman on Tuesdays. Another remedy is to keep an idol of Kesariya Ganapati in the pooja room and worship Him everyday.


Praying to Lord Hanuman with Hanuman Chalisa and other Hanuman mantras, and prayers to Lord Kartikeya (Lord Skanda) protect the native from the evil of planet Mars. Angaraka Astottara Shata Namavali (The 108 names of Mars) can also be suggested. However, it would have to be remembered that each horoscope is unique so no remedy should be grossly suggested to all. The best is to get your chart checked by a knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer to know what remedy you would need to deal with this problem.


Remedy for Mangal (Mars) and Kuja Dosha etc.

Donation and charity -

Bullock (Preferably red coloured.)

Red clothes, molasses, gold, copper, masoor daal, batasa, sweet chapati, skin of deer etc.

Gemstones related to Mars.

Best to give On Tuesday noon.

Fasting On Tuesdays.

Feeding - Brahmins (Or poor people) with Havishya.

Others - Prayers or meditation in the morning daily for at least 10 / 15 minutes.

Taking care of younger siblings.

Exercising patience.

Avoid - Engaging in martial arts, aggressive exercise etc.

Being hot tempered.

These remedies also work for Kuja Dosha, also called Manglik Dosha, Bhauma Dosha etc.


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