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Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhist Wedding.

As for the Path for a Young man and young woman to get married, there is nothing much difference in Traditional Sinhala Buddhist Wedding of this Beautiful Island Sri lanka. It is a celebration and joyous day of the couple and their Families as of all over the world. They saved a lot of money to make the visitors happy and the Sinhala Buddhist wedding ceremony a successful memorable event.

In the Sinhala Buddhist wedding "Nekath" the auspicious Time is very important. This is Calculated according to the Bride's and Bride Groom's Time of Birth. And the day is selected. On the day of the wedding "Poruwa" a wood made Stage, which is decorated with flowers, ornaments and kept in the Wedding Hall, is the place where the - Poruwa Siritha - the Sinhala Buddhist marriage takes place. Bride Family who stays on the right side and from there the Bride steps with the right foot forward to welcome the Bride groom at the Center of the Stage, Likewise Bridegroom who stays with the Family at the Left side Enter to the center Stage with the Right foot forward to welcome the Bride.

At the center of the stage both pay respect to each other in the traditional Sinhala Buddhist style by Both palms of their own hands joined in front of their Chest. Then they were offered Beatle leaves from the -Shilpadhipathi - Who leads the marriage ceremony, after receiving them they offer it back to him to be placed on top of the - Poruwa - For the God. Then the father of the Bride gives the right hand of the bride to the Bridegroom in a gesture of giving his daughter to Bridegroom. Then the Ceremony for respecting the 7 generations takes place. Groom will be presented with Beatle leaves and coins of 7 set by his brother, which he holds in his hand and Bridegroom will Place them one by one on the wedding stage. Likewise Bridegroom will place Beatle and coin one by one on the wedding stage, while the bride holds them.

Later a Gold chain is worn to the Bride by the Bridegroom which was given to him by the Grooms Brother.

After this Uncle of the Bride, Ties the Bride and Bridegrooms little finger with the Golden Twine and will pour water and rotate them three times at the stage. Then the Bridegroom offers a white cloth to the Bride. Afterwards Bride offers it to her mother. Also Bridegroom's mother offers the Departing Saree to the bride through her son.

For her part Bride's mother will offer cooked milk-rice and Traditional shot eat to bride, whom she feed to Bridegroom, then Bridegroom too feed the Bride. Married couple used to decent from the wedding stage accompanied by the Bridegroom's Pair of relatives. At the time Marriage Leader will crack open a coconut. Afterwards newly wedded couple will light traditional oil lamp, with the Blessing of all their Families, relatives and friends.

Most of the Sinhala weddings in Colombo are well planned and celebrated lavishly in upper class hotels. Bride, Groom, bridesmaids and other people used to visit expensive studios for their makeup and dress with latest expensive designer clothes. Live bands, beautiful chirographers' dancing with surprise dancing too takes place in the wedding. Normally 400 - 1,000 guest attend these wedding where it can cost from 4 million to 10 million Sri Lanka rupees with many extra packages.