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Tamil Astrology for the Hindu Marriages

Tamil Astrology takes an important part in the marrige fixing and the Matrimony ceremony and related wedding celebrations of Sri Lanka Tamil community whether they are living in Sri lanka or in any part of the woirld. From the birth of the babies, girls chart and the boys chart are calculated and written down in a special note book,by best Tamil Astrologers using mathematic calculation, sun, moon and the star positions using the Almanac accoriding to the child's birth time and birth place and the bith country. The Astrology chart will be used to see their future happenings and to find marriage partner. When a Hindu boy and a Hindu girl had been chosen for marriage both of their birth time and place of birth were given to the Astrologer to check for their star matching and other important matching to see whether they are matched astrologically to get married for a long lasting happy marriage. If the Astrologer says that their charts are matching well, then only both families will start to fix the wedding and will choose an auspicious date for to have their wedding.

There are namely 11 things that should match for the Tamil bride and groom for to have a happy married family life

They are namely as

  • Star
  • Kanam
  • Mahendram
  • Isthirithireekam
  • Yoni
  • Rasi
  • Rasiyathipathy
  • Vasiyam
  • Rachchu
  • Vethai
  • Nadi

Matching is told in Jaffna style as 60, 70, 80% where minimum 70 is good for a happy married life according to Tamil Astrology. Also they say Boy's "Pavam" must be greater than the girl's "pavam" this was given importance in the 80's by a book writer.

So the Tamil astrology takes a big part in arranging the marriage in Tamil weddings. But we at Subamangalam believe that this Pavam is not a good thing to consider as it is not mentioned in the Indian Tamil Astrology or in Jaffna Tamil matrimony.Some Sri Lankan stupid has recently created this Pavam to make him famous. On the other hand because of this Pavam point many Tamil girls are living lonley with out marriage as their Pavam point is calculated and seems very high.

All this sin will go to the Pavam inventor. We kindly request the marriage brokers and astrologers to follow the traditional 10 points system and forget about the Pavam checking as it is not accepted in the Tamil Astrology. Ansd it is written in a corner of the Tamil almanac called as Panchangam.

As a parent of a bride or groom, you must take care of those professional Astrologers who used to check matching of the charts of the bride and groom. Now a day other than checking the matching they used to say that star is looking this star and this star is looking that star and this will affect their marriage life. So you must do this Poojas and these special remedies to be done by some special Guru's. And will give you the address of a Guru where the Astrologer will get his share from the Guru from your Pooja payment that you made to the Guru. Deal carefully with these Astrologer's as they may tell to the other party that the horoscopes are not matching if you are not getting his advice and not paying to the particular Astrologer.

There are many Tamil books available on Hindu Match making and Tamil Almanac for each year. These are very essential for the Hindu match making process. There are two kinds of Tamil Almanacs, one is made of time calculation and the other is made of Old Tamil songs.