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Foreigners marrying in Sri Lanka

If you are a foreigner, and want to have your wedding with your foreign partner in SriLanka or if you are foreigner and you want to marry a Sri Lankan girl or boy of your opposite sex, following things should be taken care by you and it should be carried out according to the local legal procedures. Legal marriage registration of weddings in Sri Lanka may take place on any working day except Sundays and Holidays.

Both the Bride and Bridegroom must be more than 18+ years of age, if less than 21 years of age parents must agree to the wedding of the bride or bridegroom. A foreigner must have been a resident in the island at least 5 days prior to the wedding ceremony. Also 3 months before the wedding ceremonies, following documents must reach Srilanka.

  • Birth certificate (if not in English, send it with sworn Translation in English)
  • Travel Document with Maximum validity
  • Solicitor's Proof about single status, Also from the church, if Christian.
  • If divorced, Proof from a notary with the stamp seal from notary
  • Marriage and death certificate of the partner if widowed.
  • Adoption certificate if the person is adopted one.
  • Changes of previous name should be supported by legal means.
  • Full names of the bride and her parents, full names of bridegroom's and his parents.
  • Bride and Bridegrooms profession along with their parents' profession.
  • Certificate copy of marriage may be obtained within week or may take up to 3 months according to official works.

Normally you can put a file a notice for the wedding 14 days prior to the wedding registration date with your area wedding register. Also there is one day special notice procedure too available and you have to pay an additional fee for that service through the marriage registrar's office. To do this one day special notice, both bride and bridegroom should have stayed in Sri Lanka for at least 5 days.

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