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Valentine Day

Valentine's Day is one of the most celebrated events by young people all over the world, every year in the name of love. Valentines Day used to be celebrated on 14th of February, on this day lovers used to exchange presents, gifts, chocolates, candy, valentine's cards and flowers. This day is called as Lovers day all over the world, although in some countries people don't like these celebrations there.

The origin of the name still remains in question. Some say this name is a corruption of the French word "galantin" (a gallant or beau). And one further theory is that February 14th was chosen because birds traditionally began to mate on this day. But in Europe it is too early for birds to mate at this time as it is cool climate season. Never mind about the origin, Valentine's Day have romantic history and value.

The Roman conquerors carried the celebration to the England, where pagan and Christian Religion customs combined to form some of the enduring traditions. One was that the first person you saw on Valentine's Day would be your valentine.

As for the custom, it was well established in Shakespeare's time, for Ophelia wanted to be "betime" at Hamlet's window. She sang this version:

To-morrow is Saint Valentine's day, All in the morning betime, And I a maid at your window, To be your valentine!"

  • William Shakespeare from Hamlet, Act IV, Scene 5

Happy Valentine's Day

The first note of earlier valentine was found in the poem which in honor of the King of England's first anniversary was written in the year 1382.As these Valentines are legendary, one Valentine wrote a Love note to his jailers' daughter as "from your Valentine". In another story, St Valentine helped Roman soldiers' to marry when such weddings were banned by the Roman Emperor. As for the Christian Church in 1969 it removed St Valentine day from the calendar, because of its legendary origin.

Any how, it's a day for a Youngman to present gifts to his lover girl to show his love with presents like Diamonds, chocolates and red roses. Hearts shaped presents are mostly selected as presents, from jewellery to candy on this special lover's day.

This day is usually celebrated with romantic atmosphere in nice restaurants, charming places that were used to be selected by both the lovers to exchange their gifts between them and to enjoy the togetherness.

If you love your girl don't forget to tell her "be my valentine" on this lover's Day

Also you can present her with beautiful cards, single red rose or flowers, chocolates in boxes or jars and or candy. There are many other crafts and gifts are available specially for this day. If you are rich person then you can preset her with a diamond ring.

On this special day you can send beautiful E-Cards too to your loved one very easily through your Smartphone App. Also many online sites like Amazon and EBay offer discounted gifts online for your select and send to your heart throb.

Last year's lovers' day lot of Smartphones, Tablets, Digital cameras, Laptops, Jewelry, clothes and perfumes were presented as lovers day gift by their loved ones.

Happy Valentine's Day